Our birds need to be in tip-top condition for approximately 22 weeks of the year for racing. Maintaining the health of the loft all year round can help to reduce the amount of time and money spent in the preparation of the birds for racing.

By detecting problems early and detecting them correctly, fanciers can address their birds health issues immediately reducing the amount of race time lost!

Our Aim is to provide an accurate screening service for the fancier to get the best performances out of their race team by improving and maintaining pigeon health.

Working for over 12 years in the laboratories in Royal Victoria Hospital and having completed a honours degree in Biomedical Science I took these skills and experience and used it to develop Pigeon Diagnostics.

What are the Advantages of using Pigeon Diagnostics?

  1. An Immediate interpretation of samples. All samples are tested on the day of arrival and fanciers are informed of the findings by phone. The following day a written report or email can be sent upon request.
  2. Saving money for sometimes unnecessary, often expensive products frequently used routinely in the blind treatment of common ailments / diseases.
  3. Reducing time lost due to periods of illness? and treatment, when the pigeons cannot be raced.
  4. A guide to prevent over-treating, which often results in the rapid and frequently unseen development of secondary infections, e.g. fungal yeast infections.
  5. A Check to see if previous treatments / products used have been effective.